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Global Customs customizes state-of-the-art coach, RV, party bus interiors, and 50 percent off bus seat covers.

Global Customs is a name synonymous to luxury and quality. Sprinter and party bus conversions, and all bus seat covers at 50 percent off for the last 12 years. See it for yourself.

Sprinter RV Party Bus Conversions


Sprinter option to do an executive, RV, or party bus conversion.

Ford E450 Party Bus Conversion

E-450 or buses up to 22 passenger

20-24 person party bus conversion Option to convert it to a hybrid (coach & party bus interior), full party bus, or an RV.

Ford F550 Party Bus Conversions

F-550 or up to 30-person buses

24-30 person Party Bus ConversionOption to do a hybrid (coach & party bus interior), full party bus, or an RV conversion.

Freightliner M2 Party Bus Conversions

Freightliner or up to 40-person buses

31-40 Person Party Bus Conversion Option to convert the bus chassis of your choice to a party bus conversion, a hybrid, or an RV.

Motorcoach 50 Person Party Bus Conversions

Motor Coaches

41-55 Person Party Bus Conversion. Option to convert it to a party bus, a hybrid, or an RV.

Grech or Any Bus Seat Covers

Grech or any Bus Seat Covers

At Global Customs, we keep seat covers for any Grech shuttle bus in stock at 50% off prices. We can also customize & replicate seat covers for any charter, shuttle, or party bus for you at 50-60% prices.

Global Customs is synonymous to luxury, precision, and quality.

Our team comes with a collective experience of over two decades in party bus and executive bus conversions.

From the state-of-art part manufacturing, which ensures quality to brilliant party bus interior design ideas, the limo bus conversion you'll will be unparalleled to any other in the industry.

Our team has designed interiors par excellence for limo conversions, RVs, and hybrid (party bus & executive style interiors).

Because we pre-manufacture state-of-the-art parts from our finest team, we cut the time to complete your conversion by more than half. And, you may order parts from us in the future — if you may ever need.

Our team has already offered party bus conversions to limo companies in New York, Des Moines, Chicago, Ontario Canada, Vancouver Canada, Florida, and many other parts of the US.

Global Customs Interior Front Image