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About Us

With the onset of new technology transport, limo rides, sedans, car rentals have become possible with a click of a button. This is, exactly, the concept of Global Limos; give convenience to our customers to rent a limo, exotic car, or a party bus, with a few clicks on our website.


Global Limos has been around over 20 years in global limo market. At the core of our philosophy, we believe that customer experience is the most important key to success in any business. We implement this core belief in our business by making customers happy by listening to their needs, giving them our suggestions to rent party buses or limos.

Party Bus Service in the major cities

Recently, about 10 years ago, the party buses hit the limo industry market. To carry a party as big 20, 30, 40, or even 50 passengers, you would need several vehicles to accommodate yourself. Even if you rent a few different limos, you would end up separating the group and your guests would be limited to sit down only, rather then being able to stand up in the party bus. Our arranged party buses are a combination of limos and buses, so you get the best of both ends.


Rent Hummer Limo & other SUV Stretches

SUV limos have always been the hip thing to do. Especially, Hummer for that reason is the king of all the limos. We are your one stop to rent Hummer Limos, SUV Stretches, and various party bus sizes in major cities like the NYC, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston etc... You don`t go to the party but with the SUV limos, the party comes to your doorsteps.


Rent Exotic Car Through Us

It`s most of our dream to be in a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. Especially, during a visit to Las Vegas, New York City (NYC), San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, we want to cruise in one of our dream cars through the scenic landscape of buildings mixed with the natural beauty of these cities. Global Limos can arrange not only these cars but other ultra-rare vehicles such as the Bugatti, Aston Martin, Maserati, Rolls Royce Sedans and Limos like the Phantom, Ghost, Bentley Limos and Sedans, etc... During your next visit to one of these metro cities, don`t forget to visit us for a ride of your dreams.


Charter Bus Services


Bus Tours in Charter, Luxury, Shuttle Buses

If you are a corporate company that wants to take 50 to 100 people on a special tour from San Francisco to Yosemite, Ca or from New York City to Niagara Falls, Disney Land Tours or any tour in the country that you can think of, Global Limos can arrange it for you. We can arrange these tours in a variety of vehicles such as Vanhool Bus, Prevost, Setra, Mercedes-Benz, and other luxury charter bus names like the MCI. Even for single, individual travelers, we can arrange tours that you can ride with others and enjoy, the landscape of America. Airport Shuttle, Sedan, and Bus Transport is also made available simply through a click of a few buttons on our website. Wine Tours, Weddings, Anniversaries, Night On the Town Parties, Proms, Formals, you name it, and we can arrange the limo, bus, service for you for those events.


Limo Apps

Soon Global Limos will announce the launch of their App for Android and Apple Platform. In the world of Apps, when others are coming up with Apps for bookings, we are taking our time to a different approach, maybe, something very revolutionary to help the transport industry. Soon, we will make these Apps available to our customers.

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