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General FAQs is one of the biggest luxury car rental network that works online. Our company works in partnership with ground transportation companies worldwide. Through our network, we offer limousine and luxury car rental services for you. You can book a ride with us at affordable rates for your special events. Our car rental operation is similar to the online booking of hotels and flights, and we offer you the quality based and easy booking options.
There can be few reasons if you get no results in your search. So, if you are unable to find any vehicles in the search you have made, try searching again. If you still get no results, it can be because of the unavailability of our vehicles in area, date or time you have mentioned. You should search again after some time, and if the result is still the same, it can be because we do not operate in your area. Our company Global Limos is striving hard to expand its network. We request you to get back to our website regularly to see if we are operational in your area.
We respect your confidentiality. The email address you provide us is safe, and we do not sell it or disclose it to any third party. We need your email address to keep you updated about the details of your rides. We send you the information regarding your search summary, booking confirmations, details regarding your driver, and if we need to send you the essential information related to your ride with us. Our company also sends promotional, and discount offers through email. If you don`t want to hear from us, you can click here (Hyperlink) and unsubscribe from the offers and discounts we announce for you. We send your email address to our limo operators to get in touch with you for your limo ride.
At Global Limos, we make sure to offer you the best services. Our operators are pre-screened, insured and licensed with valid and up-to-date permits. We do not compromise on quality standards, and we maintain it by rating our operators from the service class so that you get the services and experience that you expect.
Yes, we appreciate customer ratings and reviews. You can reach the review and rating page by clicking on Reviews.
You can give ratings and review to the limousine company found on our network or submit a new business to be added to our network, upon reviewing, we will make the new business and your review live on the website.
Unsubscribing from our mailing list is effortless. All you have to do is click the unsubscribe link placed at the end of the email message. If you unsubscribe from our mailing list we will stop sending you the promotional material; however, you will still get the important messages regarding your ground transportation bookings with us.
The cancellation policy of Global Limos according to the services you opt with us and the type of vehicle you have requested to book.

Airport and Point to Point service types:

Sedan, Luxury Sedan, and SUV for Airport Transportation: If you cancel the booking of these vehicles, 2 days after you book, you will invite a 100% cancellation fee.

All other services: If you cancel the booking of these vehicles, less than 48 hours after you book, you will invite up to 100% cancellation fee.

Customer Accounts

For making the first booking with us, you will have to create an account at When you create an account with us, you will get access to the history of your rides with us. You can update the account information by making the desired changes related to the upcoming bookings.
While you book a ride with us, we recommend you to select the ride type. It is the perfect option for seamless transportation of your event. It gives the correct pricing option. For your convenience, Global Limos offers you the pricing by the type of events like prom, wedding, party, airport transfer and hourly rides, on which you book the trip. If you are not sure of the ride type, you can call us at 800-985-4002. Our customer care executive will assist you in the process of reservation and will guide you to make the selection.
It is easy to create a new password if you forget your old one. It is n easy process in which you have to open the home page of and click the sign in button located on the top of the home page. Once you land the home page, you can click on "Forgot your password." You will be prompted to enter your e-mail address with which you created the account with us. After submitting the email address, you will receive n email from us. Through the email, you will get the instructions to reset your password. With just a few clicks you can reset your password.
To view the history of your car rental bookings with us, you can log in to your account at Check the booking history by clicking on My Reservations button which is at the top right corner of the home page. By clicking here, you can see all the prior reservations you have booked with us under the same account.
First of all, create an account at Once you reach the home page of Global Limos, log in to your account and click on the option "My Credit Cards." Now you can store and update the credit card details.
Yes, when you log into your Customer Account at and search for rides, we save your address preferences for your future trips with us. In simple steps, you can quickly check and edit the address. Log into your Customer Account, located at the top right corner of the homepage of On the navigation bar click in the "Manage Address Book" button and make the edits. While you book your future rides with us, you will get access to the addresses you save. Click on the icon which is at the right side of the pickup location of the search box. You can see the saved addresses if you click here.


Kindly confirm your credit card details as accurate while you enter it.

We will not process your transaction if the billing address and credit card details entered by you don`t match your records mentioned with your credit card company. Verify the billing address you register with the address you have specified on the records of the financial institution. In case you use your corporate credit card, your billing address should be the address of your company. If you have shifted your location, it can be the old address where you resided.

With us, you can feel free because we guarantee secure transactions. On unsuccessful sales, we do not see the details regarding the rejection of your card and if the payment is not working. In such a case, try using another credit card.
It is easy to change a reservation with Global Limos; all you have to do is check the confirmation email and click on the link that says "VIEW, CANCEL or CHANGE your reservation." While you check your car rental booking online, you can click on the blue Change button.

For more details and assistance, you can call our customer services at 800-985-4002
Open the confirmation e-mail and click on the link "VIEW, CANCEL or CHANGE your reservation." If you are checking your reservation on your account, you can change the reservation or cancel it by clicking on the red button. Cancellations with are subject to a penalty that we mention while you book a ride with us.

For more help regarding canceling ride with Global Limos, you can call our customer service at 800-985-4002. Our customer care executives will be happy to assist you.
If your ride with Global Limos unconfirmed through our chosen limo service provider, you will get the refund of your money immediately.

If we have received the confirmation of your ride through the limo service provider the deposit amount is non-refundable. When you cancel your limo ride with us before the cancellation penalty window, our company will hold the collected deposit.
When the limo service provider closes the car ride for payment, we generate the receipt right away. In most of the cases we create the revenue within 48 hours from the end of your trip, but sometimes it takes up to 5 days.
The quoted rate includes the base fare, taxes, and gratuity. We charge the hourly rates or a flat rate. We calculate the hourly rates on an hourly basis, and it is a garage to garage fare based on the time from the source of drive to the destination. We bill it according to the time taken by the driver to complete the trip. We charge the flat rate on rides between two destinations, and it has no relation with the number of hours taken to finish the ride. Apart from the base fare, some additional charges can also be applied when you consider the limo rentals services. Global Limos can charge for the additional fees along with the base fare after you finish your ride. Please check our other fee charges for more details.
If you have any questions regarding your upcoming rides with us or you want some details during your journey in progress, please feel free to contact us at 800-985-4002. Our customer care is available 24x7. If you have any questions regarding your previous trips with us, you can drop us an email at
We welcome feedback from our customers. To encourage our customers to send us the feedback, we welcome you to send us an email or call us. We have a feedback link on our website for your convenience. You can click on the link and give us your feedback. We also send a link to the customer survey in your final ride receipt. You can send us your riding experience with us through the feedback link.
Call for the rate is a facility offered by Global Limos in which we include the service providers that are not accepting bookings through us. In this facility, our customers can call the operator and get the precise quote on a particular ride.

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