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Limo Pricing Guide

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We categorize the transportation services from the various facilities and feature we offer. Each company serves different facilities, and that makes the prices vary. While you book ground transportation, you must consider the multiple facilities provided. The transportation fees depend upon the facilities you receive, so it should not be the only factor while you book a ride. Similar to the hotel bookings, the difference in the tariff of transportation depends upon the services, facilities, and experience you get. So, while you book a limousine, you must decide upon a budget and the kind of services and facilities you are expecting. It is quite helpful in terms of determining the best limo services.

Understand the Whole Price

Check the rates of vehicle rental and compare the charges according to the facilities offered by the various car rentals. Each limo rental has its policy regarding rental fare. Some of the rentals are charged according to the number of hours, and they can also have a flat rate for airport transfers. Be sure to confirm the inclusions and exclusions in the invoice.

Tax and Tip Is Always Included in the Price you Pay

The limo rental charges include the base rate, taxes and a driver`s tip of 15-20% of the base fare of Limo ride. So, while you evaluate the limo rental, you can keep that price as saving.

Hourly and Flat Rate Pricing

Some of the car rental are based on an hourly or flat rate. It means the rental price is calculated on an hourly basis on the drive time between the destinations. The billed amount is the price charged according to the estimated time of the drive from garage to garage. The flat rate is not related to the estimated time of the ride, and it is an amount of money charged for transportation between the two places.

Additional Fees

When you search for the car rental, the amount quoted for your ride is the charge for pick up and drop as per your desired destination. Please remember, some extra fees and expenses may be applicable on the ride. So you will be charged for the approximate ride amount plus the extra charges on the completion of your trip. You can check the list of additional costs to get more clarity.


We do not include tolls in the rental fare of a car ride. However, you will pay for the toll charges along with the rental based on pick-up and drop-off locations. You can check here for the details related to the tolls of the particular regions.


We apply extra charges for the requested stops during the selected car rentals along with the charges billed for additional fees included in the ride quote. We typically calculate the stops depending upon a minimum of 10 minutes of wait time. If you take longer than 10 minutes, or your stop alters the original itinerary, we will change your pricing according to hourly rates.

Wait Time

We charge the wait time after 15 minutes of the scheduled pick-up time. We charge it in the 15-minute increments along with the billed amount we list on the invoice fees.


We charge for the parking fees at the actual rate to the operator along with the other amount we mention on the rental. We typically charge for the parking fees if you request for inside pick-up or if there is no waiting lot at the airport. We also charge for stops where free parking is unavailable.

Extra Hours

We charge for extra hours if the driver arrives on time, and you keep the car rental for extra hours. If you take hourly services and do not start or stop the ride at a scheduled time, we charge you for the additional hours. We add the extra hours to the original bill amount for the specific trip.

Car Seats

We will put an extra charge for each seat you request for the ride along with the limo rental charges mentioned in the original quote. To know more about the prices and availability of the car seats, feel free to contact our customer support at 800-985-4002.

Meet & Greet Charges

We offer the Meet & Greet facility inside the terminal with charges along with the rental costs mentioned in the quotation. While you choose the Meet Greet facility, you will also pay the parking charges, if applicable, along with the Meet & Greet rental cost.

Extra Mileage/Surcharges

When you book for a ride outside of the US, you might have to pay the Extra mileage charge. Depending upon the country and operator, the Extra Mileage charge can vary. We charge the extra mileage on the additional miles or kilometers beyond the base fare of the limo ride. You can check the booking path in the Reservation Request page for more details.

Fuel Surcharges

We bill you for the fuel surcharges if you use the limo service inconsistently. We inform about the fuel surcharge in advance however if there is any alteration in the itinerary or any special request, we add the Fuel surcharges in the bill.

Cleaning and Repair Fees

We can charge you for the cleaning fees if you leave odor or stains the carpet/upholstery due to smoking, spilling food and drinks, vomits during your ride. We can also charge you for the repair fee if you cause physical damage to the vehicle during the car rental. The physical damage includes rips and tears to the carpet and upholstery. We charge repair fees for damaging other soft materials, door or moldings.

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