Mercedes R-Class90

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If you want a large upscale travelling fun, you can now enjoy that with the Mercedes R-550 can arranged by Being on the top it provides you the best facilities of luxury and style. R500 is nice and quietfast car. It is the best transportation for travelling and for going on to trips with family and friends.

Brief overview of the car

A high build quality means customers are satisfied but keeping the car running for many years takes a bit more effort than performing standard maintenance. R550 arrange you with the sitting capacity of large passengers for your family trip. Having a big size of its, it can be used for 12 to 18 passengers. It complements you perfectly and don't look cheap or tacked on. Getting one on rent will bring you satisfaction and contentment. It adds an extra jig to your step and makes you feel proud that wherever you go, whatever you do, your loyal car is they are accompanying you.

Stylish Features of Mercedes R-500

Mercedes offers a wide variety of attractions and entertainment for people of all ages and interests. Being use of this you can go for the shopping, promos and parties. So the service offers you to stay for a long and have wonderful vacations anywhere and out of city. Some of the most popular features in the SUV area and getaway planning are listed below.

  • More of a people mover for family outings of transporting kids and other people
  • It is likely a choice for towing, people with such need will be better off considering R500
  • Leather seating
  • Powerful sound system
  • LCD display
  • Ipodhookup, Aux hookup

Various reasons to hire this car

There are a lot of cars that you can use to go for a trip with your loved ones or friends. And as soon as you rented a R500, all you have to do is enjoy the trip with your pals. People can use the service for special occasions like weddings, night outs, corporate tours, bachelor parties, sightseeing tours etc. You can get help by calling at for a better travelling experience.

For those who are proud enough of their fine luxury vehicles for them, has made it possible to hire a R 500 for visitor’s personal celebrations, parties, promos and night outs. We can arrange verity of exotic car for our clients. You can find several of options as per your choice and requirement including other SUV’s and many more. To get our excited services you can call us at