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Posted by: admin | Sep-18-2019 | Limo Price
What is a Party Bus?

All About A Party Bus

Party Buses took the US market by storm. People love to rent party buses. And, why shouldn’t we like the party buses? The party buses or limo buses feature limo-style interiors with double the headroom, giving people the ability to walk in the bus without bending and being uncomfortable. 

Interior of a party bus 

Nice Party Bus Interior V/s Ugly Party Bus Interior

Even though many mom-and-pop shops can design a party bus interior, the quality party buses are expensive and designed by the top party bus conversion companies. Amongst the top names are Tiffany, Turtle Top, and Grech. Instead of poorly wood designed molds, nailed in place, the “real party buses” have computer-designed fiberglass interior panels. In place of nails, the well designed fiberglass panels will perfectly snap in place. The interior accents are also well picked. Instead of only using the cheap vinyl accents, the quality party bus conversion companies use aluminum and faux carbon-fiber accents. Seats in buses sold by quality party bus conversion companies are more comfortable with extended bases for adequate knee support. All-in-all, the customers will have a strikingly better experience in a bus manufactured by top party bus conversion companies than a party bus made by a mom-and-pop shop. 

Party Bus Exterior Design

Nice Party Bus Exterior V/s Ugly Party Bus Exterior

The first thing that top limo providers look for when purchasing a new luxury land yacht, a party bus, is the single-window design. The more modern bus chassis made by Mercedes, Ford, International, Freightliner, and other top chassis builders will come with frameless, tinted windows. Just as top-sports car manufacturers like Audi, Mercedes, Ferrari, and others sleekly design their luxury, sports cars with frameless windows for that elegant, asthmatic look, top exterior bus chassis manufacturers also do the same. Not only do these windows offer a sleek look, but the frameless windows are larger than windows with frames and offer riders a larger view while traveling. 

If you would like to travel in a coach, a party bus, or a luxury extended-tip van that looks like a modern space ship, choose Party Bus Rentals offered by Global Limos. A “real party bus” will put a lasting impression on your friends, business affiliates, and family when rented for occasions like night-outs, corporate events, and weddings. 

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