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Posted by: admin | Mar-11-2024 | Special Occasions
Biggest Limo and Bus Sales Marketplace

The ground transportation vehicle sales — which includes bus for sale, limo for sale, party bus for sale, luxury SUVs and Sedan for sale, and exotic car sale listings — needed a limousine for sale marketplace that gave transportation providers a one-stop-shop platform to sell their fleet of bus, limousine, and livery vehicles, while also providing other ground transportation industry-related businesses a way to connect with the transportation providers.

Types of vehicles listed platform, recently launched nationwide in the U.S., is a powerful platform where thousands of limo, bus, and luxury vehicle transportation providers list their fleets. The types of vehicles sold on the platform include: - Limousines like Hummer, Escalade, Chrysler, & Lincoln. - Luxury SUVs and sedans like Escalade, Lincoln Navigator, Ford Expedition, Lincoln Continental sedan, and more. - Ultra luxury vehicles like Mercedes S Class, BMW 7 series - Exotic sedans like Rolls Royce and Bentley - Bus for sale from brands like Ford, GM, MCI, Prevost, Volvo, Temsa, Freightliner, and others.

Features of vehicles listed

Global Limos’ sales platform gives its users convenient options of listing the color of the exterior and interior, listing pictures, and other important luxury and safety features of the vehicles. YouTube videos: Users can conveniently link their YouTube videos in their listings.

Get in touch with companies related to ground transportation

Businesses related to the ground transportation industry can post their ads in the related limo and bus company marketting section of the website which helps transportation companies connect with these businesses to keep fluid transportation operations. - Luxury vehicle manufacturers like GM, Cadillac, Lincoln, Ford, Volvo, and others - Ultra-luxury vehicle manufacturers like Lucid, Rolls Royce, and Bentley. - Bus manufacturers like Volvo, MCI, Prevost, Temsa, and others - Large-scale coach builders like Grech, Executive Coach Builders, Turtle Top - Other coach-builders like First Class Customs, Global Customs, & others - Insurance brokers like TIB, Jack Gilbert, & Lancer - Technology companies offering support to the transportation industry. Fleet financing groups like Wells Fargo, Advantage Remarketting Solutions, and others, will be showcased on the platform as well. 

Please also check out their Largest Limo and Bus Sales Facebook group with over 31,000 members from the ground transportation indistry. Anyone who needs assistance can contact the admin of the Limo Bus Sales operations can contact Moshe at  323-300-6301. 

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