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Covid-19 Update Our Reviews
Posted by: admin | May-02-2020 | Limo Price
COVID-19 Guidelines

As a limo, ground Transportation, business works with transporting people, cleanliness & disinfectant will be done following the CDC guidelines. We would be taking some of the following precaution measures to safeguard our driver, customers, and haunt the spread of the virus.

  Vehicles Disinfected: Vehicles are disinfected for customer`s safety, following the CDCs guidelines.

We`ll have sand sanitizers for customers to use.

  Drivers — Masks & Hygiene: The drivers will be asked to wear masks. Also, they will be using hand sanitizers for themselves. And, we`ll ask drivers to sanitize the vehicles by using disinfectants.

Drivers will also be updated with CDC Guidelines for trying to control the spread of COVID-19.

  Donations for food: Some of the proceeds from the booking will be used to donate food and essential supplies to the people in need in the US and developing countries across the world.

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