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Posted by: admin | Aug-30-2019 | Limo Price
What is a Limousine?

What is a Limousine?

Even though the common belief is that all stretched vehicles are a limousine, according to the California State Law and Federal Law, it’s not true. The California law states that a stretched sedan, SUV, or any vehicle which has the capacity of ten passengers or under can be classified as a limousine. According to the Federal Law, any vehicle 16 passengers or under could be classified as a limousine.

Which commonly stretched vehicles can be classified as limos?

According to California Public Utilities Code stretched vehicles that carry 10 or less passengers like Lincoln, Cadillac Escalade, Chrysler 300, and Hummer H2 could be classified as a limo. The Federal Law classifies that stetched vehicles that can accommodate 16 passengers or less are limousines.

Can stretched limos be classified as a bus?

Can Stretched Limos Be Classified As A Bus?

Stretched vehicles that seat more than 10 passengers (including the driver) are classified as a bus in California. In California, buses have to pass different rules than a limo. Elsewhere in the US, vehicles that accomodate over 16 passengers are classified as a bus. Depending on the number of passengers, ground transportation companies must follow different federal and state regulations for the design and maintenance of buses.

Therefore, many stretches like Hummer limos, Escalade limos, and Navigator limos that carry 17 or more people (including the driver) are legally classified as a bus, not a limo.

Why is it important to know if a stretched vehicle is a limousine or a bus?

Passenger Safety First


Even though most stretched cars or SUVs appear as limousines, it`s not correct according the US law. A person looking to rent a stretched vehicle must ask the limousine service provider if the stretched limousine being offered is a limousine or a bus according to their state`s and federal law. Depending on whether the stretched vehicle is a limousine or a bus, the limousine service provider should show you the needed insurance coverage, the state Depart of Motor Vehicles inspections, and the Federal Department of Transportation inspections.

Based on the passenger capacity of the stretched vehicle, the stretched vehicle can be a limousine, a class A bus, a Class B bus, and a class C bus. You can attain more information on the bus classifications on the FMCSA`s website. The important thing to know is that different classes of buses can require different manufacturing designs for a passenger`s safety. Therefore, it is important for people to know whether a stretched vehicle is a limousine, class A bus, class B bus, or class C bus. The information on this page can help people select a responsible limousine provider that maintains proper insurance and inspections for their stretched vehicles, which is crucial for the safety of the passengers. 

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