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Rating: 4.5 out of 5 with 50 ratings
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Best Limos Rental Deals in Middletown, VA


Escalade Limo White 20 Passengers #26827, Middletown, VA

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Rent Escalade Limo 

We at have the privilege to offer one of the most demanded limo for celebrations like wedding called the royal Escalade Limo Service. To make your wedding look more elegant and stylish do give us a call for booking Escalade Limo for the occasion.

Escalade Limo Rental Prices

If time has come to coddle your desire in the pools of fun and luxury to an opulent travel wedding we are here to provide you the best Escalade Limo. Travelling in this luxury limo , you can enjoy comfort and organized luxury in a car with gratifying space, royal style and classy look. This stretch town car is just you require for a party to ride in a mood of luxury. Need an extraordinary leg room for both business and leisureliness passengers enjoy a ride in stylish Limo? This car accommodates four adults and up to a maximum of 10,12,14 ,15,16 and even 20 passengers with a sunroof and 8 minibar areas to entertain you and your guests rightly. This royal Stretch Limo is readied with best comfort structures such as air suspension, 8 ply super durable tires, Q V M certified, lengthened wheel base and more physical length than the standard vehicle.
Give us a call for booking your Escalade Limo.

Escalade Limo Rental Near Me

You can do a search of the beutiful Escalade Limo Rental Near Me and you will find that Global Limos offers this stretch in the most of the US cities. We offer Escalade Stretch Near You in seating capacities of 10, 14, 18, 20, and 22. 

Wedding Escalade Limo & Proms

These limos are a work of art, with super features, it`s a perfect fit for weddings, formals, proms, wine tours; any event that you can think of, this Cadillac stretch will make it elegant. The stretch hasa stylish interior and beautiful exterior to entice you. Other features include: 

  • Superb and spacious leather seats.
  • Crushed leather interior.
  • Lighted Dance Floor
  • Premium sound system with level 3 Stereo systems.
  • Loaded with 2 plasma TVs and DVD.
  • Comfortable interior fitted with neon lights and wooden work table.
  • 20 speakers
  • Heated seats.
  • Lightening disks in the bar.
  • Laser light show.
  • Fiber optics.


Rent Escalade Limo Near You

We can make this super rare limo available in major cities across the U.S., such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and the Apple of all the cities New York City (NYC). We can also arrange it in other metro cities such as Houston, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Miami, etc... Even in cities like the Hollywood, Ca, Birmingham AL, and Washinston DC, we can arrange this super limo, which is the icon of American luxury. We at will be pleased to arrange your super ride in this fun filled exotic beauty.


Escalade Limo , Middletown, VA

or similar, Hummer H2 or Escalade Limo

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Ford Excursion Stretch, Middletown, VA

or similar, Hummer H2 or Escalade Limo

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SUV Limo
SUV Limo

14 Passenger Limo #26831, Middletown, VA

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If you are looking out for a comfortable road travel for 14 passengers, definitely you require a 14 PASSENGER LIMO. For a modish ride to excursions, tours, proms, occasions, parties, weddings and events that are important, enjoy a ride with your group in a stylish and comfortable 14 Person Limousine with enough inside space

This 140-inch to 180-inch stretch Lincoln limo has all the precisions you need to relax, work or entertain en route to your destination without an iota of travel stress. The roaring 30 feet long vehicle is just as fancy as Escalade and Hummer limos.

Each time you need relaxing and sumptuous road transport for a group up to 14 passengers, contact Global Limos. We will arrange you a comfortable and stylish ride in a 14 Passenger Cadillac Limo and 14 People Hummer Limousine at your convenience. This long stretch limo vehicle with space for 14 of your companions has a complete ice packed bar with available refreshments and entertainment options.


We also offer a 14 People Stretch Range Rover Limo. Range Rover Stretch is the most demanded vehicle for weddings, proms, concerts, anniversaries, sporting events, bachelorette or bachelor parties, casino trips, or long excursions. Other options we arrange for 14 people are the Porsche Cayenne Limo and Infinity Limo for 14 people. These limos also offer cool luxury options and are perfect for that exotic look. We are waiting to escort you and your team to a happy journey in these majestic stretches. Make your trip notable and pleasing by hiring a 14 PASSENGER LIMO.


  • Fabulous multi-toned leather seats
  • Complete floor carpeting
  • Colored fiber optics
  • Icon twinkle Ceiling
  • Two flat-screen TVs and DVD Player
  • An AM/FM/CD/MP3 Players
  • Comfortable interior fitted with neon lights.
  • Tinted window
  • Color changing neon
  • Complete ice packed bar with champagne holders
  • Complimentary drinks, spring water, and napkins
  • A cable connects for iPods
  • Bluetooth

This 14 PASSENGER LIMO has all the niceties that a group of passengers needs to relax, work or entertain en route to your destination without an iota of travel stress. Enjoy your Excursion in a stunning Limousine that radiates simple elegance with the roomiest legroom of all the limousines in the Limo Ride fleet.

Give us a call we can plan for you to experience the ambiance of travel in a classic Lincoln style and comfort of 14 PASSENGER LIMO.

SUV Limo
SUV Limo

14 Passenger Limo , Middletown, VA

or similar, Escalade or Hummer Limo...

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Luxury Stretch Limo
Luxury Stretch Limo

Lincoln MKT Limousine 9 Passengers #26830, Middletown, VA

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Lincoln MKT Town Car Limo Service

The Limo that you command

Lincoln MKT limo stands out of other cars, in beauty, sleekness, and magnificence; a reason why knows that it works magically on the roads. Everybody wants to have something good that makes them happy and different from the crowd. You can hire yourself the posh MKT Limo that will undoubtedly make people turn and admire your style. You will look elegant as you walk out of the classy MKT Town Car Limousine, the ultimate touch of class.

The motor dynamics of the MKT Limo

You see MKT limousine is all-wheel drive plus some 300 horsepower [hp 3.7] backed by a Liter V-6 engine. So whether it is the stretched version that can do six-passenger or ten passengers, it still maintains the grip and the gliding power. Its super design and the alloy rims give this super Limo an authority and elegance! Its unbelievable power steering component makes this car so tender that even a baby can bully it around. We at are proud to be able to offer you this priceless vehicle!

The interior packages of MKT Town Car Limo

Lincoln MKT Limousine is an imposing car, at know. Just check-list the right things and features you will fall in love with it. The interior and features of this Town Car MKT Limo will make sure that your ride becomes luxurious, comfortable, and stylish as well. Though the luxury and royalty of this car cannot be defined in words, still there are some features you can count on such as:

  • voice-activated navigation,
  • Lane departure warning,
  • Rearview camera,
  • Reverse sensing system
  • Sync Voice communication
  • Sync Voice Activated entertainment system.
  • A roomy interior with heated leather seat,
  • A loaded refrigerated bar,
  • Television,
  • privacy of your secrets from your chauffeur

Things to do in the classy MKT limo

Driving or being driven in the best care is a human desire. If you have this feeling and you want a ride that will make your event a class- above others then book the MKT Limo Rental. If you are thinking of undertaking any of the following events, we are glad to help you to access the perfect this Limo.

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays outings
  • Proms and formals
  • casino tours or night outs,
  • corporate tours or wine tours

Ride in a stretch limo that you can command on the road-by calling us at for hiring that special Limo; Lincoln MKT limo.

Luxury Stretch Limo
Luxury Stretch Limo

Lincoln MKT Limousine , Middletown, VA

or similar, Chrysler 300 or Lincoln Limo

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Hummer Limo Rental White 20 Passengers #26829, Middletown, VA

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Rent a Hummer Limo

Hummer Limo Rental is the first choice of many people as it offers the best comfort and convenience. It is also known as a 200-inch Hummer H2 limousine. Ofter it is built by the renowned company Krystal, which is famous for building luxurious limos in the world. It is preferred for the weddings and wine tours. Hummer Stretch Limo is also in high demand by high school students for the proms, homecoming and formal events. H2 Limo is an ideal vehicle for the transportation of a large group of travelers or business delegates as it has a maximum seating capacity. The H2 and H1 Stretch Limo has a stylish exterior that offers a superior look. The interior of the robust H3 Hummer Limo is also impeccable and provides a luxurious look.

Hummer Limo Rental Cost

Global Limos can make this fancy Hummer limo available to you at a reasonable cost. Even with affordable costs, the features you will get with this limo are amazing. When it comes to high-class amenities, Hummer H1, H2, and H3 limos exceed all expectations. It has multiple color LCD TVs and a high-quality sound system with two subwoofers to ensure the best entertainment for the passengers. It also has an iPod hookup and Bluetooth audio streaming facility to connect the compatible digital devices for enjoyment.

Hummer Limo Rentals Near Me

We can arrange some of the most fanciest Hummer limos near your area. Even though the manufactures have stop building this work of art limo, we can still arrange it in most of the regions. In it, you will find Avonite-topped bars with the aluminum trim for the elegant look of the interior and the better convenience of the passengers. It has a starlight headliner that features stainless-steel construction. One of the best amenities of the Humvee Limo is the seating capacity. It can comfortably accommodate up to twenty passengers. Now, you can travel with all of your friends or family members in one vehicle.

Rent a Hummer Limo for Weddings or Proms

Whether weddings, proms, or any other event, H2 stretches always fit in to make your event lavish. Renting a Hummer limo for a short or long trip, you will still experience the luxurious comfort. It has a maximum seating capacity, which allows the group of travelers to travel together. For the long trip, the super-stretch is packed with high-quality entertainment devices such as LCD TVs and audio systems. The luxury yacht has a superior exterior and interior look, which makes it perfect for all types of events and functions. For all kinds of events, services, and transportation, we at Global Limos will help you in arranging the robust Hummer H1 Limo, Hummer H2 Limousine, and Hummer H3 Stretch for your travel convenience.


Hummer Limo Rental, Middletown, VA

or similar, Hummer H2 or Escalade Limo

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